Sunday, March 30, 2014

Diarrhea, Vomit, a trip to IA, & a haircut

As you can see from the title of this post, it's been quite the week at the Veldman home.  I think that I posted last week that Ava threw up on Sunday.  She had done this the Wednesday before.  She has also had ongoing diarrhea for the past 2 1/2 weeks.  Well, I got a phone call at work Wednesday morning from our sitter saying that Ava had just thrown up on their way to The Blast (an indoor playground).  Of course she did this in our sitter's new minivan that they just got last week.  So, I left work early so I could take Ava to the Dr. since this had been going on for so long.  I was able to get a stool sample from her and was instructed to take it to Children's Hospital in St. Paul.  So, off we went to St. Paul before her doctor's appt.  As we're registering Ava informs me she has to go to the bathroom.  Sometimes I can't believe that something so awful smelling can come out of such a cute little thing.  After that we went to the lab to drop off her "specimen".  We're standing there and all of a sudden Ava vomits all over the floor.  I felt horrible.  The staff at Children's were so nice and accommodating.  They sent me home with a pink puke basin, and Ava got some stickers.  Then we were off to the pediatricians after a 20 minute nap.  He gave us some Zofran for the vomiting.  The cultures came back Friday...all negative.  So, I'm not sure what's been going on.  We've had her on a high starch (including white bread which she has never had), lactose free milk, no fruit, lots of yogurt, probiotics, and Kefir for the past 5 days.  I think today was the first day without diarrhea.  Hopefully she's on the mend!  And hopefully we can start reintroducing some of her regular foods like fruit.

The Dr. didn't recommend it, but Ava came into our room Thursday morning and said, "mommy, my tummy is all better.  Now I can go to IA".  I couldn't tell her no, since our last trip was cancelled due to the snowstorm.  So, we loaded up, and kept the pink basin next to the carseat with specific instructions to let me know if she felt like she had to throw up.  The kids did great on the way down there (and pretty good on the way home).  We made only 1 quick stop for gas and potty, and made it down there in 4 hours.  They had so much fun with everybody.  We had cousin Sara, Aunt Darlene, Great Grandma, Grandma Great, Aunt Lori, Dave, Grandma, & Grandpa all come visit.  Ava told Aunt Lisa that she wanted to move there.  She always has so much fun with her cousins. 

Friday I was able to go to my friend Erin's house while the kids stayed back.  I got to meet her new little man, Carter.  I could have snuggled him all day long.  My babies are growing up far to quickly.  Aunt Lisa took Ava to have lunch with cousin Reece at his big school.  She was so excited to get to go.  She's is so ready to go to 'big school" and start kindergarten.   Crazy to think that it's not that far away!  That afternoon we got to decorate Easter cookies.  Grant even got to take part in the fun.  I think his favorite part was eating one of his masterpieces. 

Saturday morning the kiddos stayed in their pj's and watched Frozen.  Ava was in heaven, and loved singing along to the songs.  She got a couple more games of Candyland & Chutes & Ladders in (Grandma Great got suckered into that) before we had to leave. 

This morning we headed to Ava's "salon" to get her haircut yet again.  Her hair grows faster than any other person I know.  I finally bit the bullet and got Grant his first haircut.  I didn't think that there was that much to cut off.  However, when they were done he looked 6 months older.  He's such a little man now.  A cute little man!

This afternoon we got to meet up with Nate's high school friends and their families.  We met up at "Uncle Brian's" house in St. Paul.  It was great to see everybody, and try to catch up while chasing Grant around the house.  We finished the day with a walk, and Ava riding her bike.  She loved riding her bike around the block.  Grant can't get enough of being outside.  I have a feeling that we'll be spending a lot of time outside this summer.  Glad we were able to enjoy the nice day.  Rumor has it that snow will be moving in on Tuesday.  So much for spring!    

Cutting out cookies
Grant loving his time with cousin Zacky
Decorating Easter cookies

Grant could not get enough of the "pup pup".  He would stand at the door hyperventilating, yelling "pup pup" until one of us would take him out.  And yes, that's a lovely deer leg that the dog is chewing on.  Good ol' country living. 
Enjoying one of his masterpieces

Cousins playing football
Erin, Carter, & myself
Frozen pj party
Grant was Not impressed with the cape they put on him.  He was better after we took it off...
the bubbles helped a little...
but the sucker did the trick
Oops, out of order; Grant decorating one of his cookies. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I can see

I survived last weekend working my 12 hr night shifts.  It was so crazy busy at the hospital that I didn't even have time to get tired.  Ava got to have her sleep over at Mema & Boppa's, which she loved. Grant and Daddy got to join them for the day on Sunday.  Grant must have been having a great time too.  So much fun that he refused to take a nap there.

Tuesday the kids headed to daycare while I volunteered at Ava's preschool for a short bit before heading to Woodbury for my LASIK procedure.  I was surprisingly enough not nervous at all once I got there.  That is until the put the suction cup thing on my eye and started slicing my cornea off.  Yeah, that was definitely my least favorite part.  Other than that and a couple of hours of some discomfort following the procedure it was great.  My vision appears to be a little blurrier today than it was the first day after surgery.  However, I was warned that my vision will wax and wane for at least the next 6 weeks, and up to 6 months.  So, I'm not super concerned.  I get to wear super cool (not) "shields" over my eyes when I sleep so that I don't rub them for a week.  Tomorrow will be my last day of all these eye drops, and then I'll just be down to one eye drop.  I keep thinking that I need to go and take my contacts out.  It's just crazy to think that I can see without them or glasses.  Oh, and I get to start wearing eye make-up again this week.  I've realized that I look REALLY tired without mascara.  Perhaps the no make-up was the worst part of the procedure.  Nonetheless, it was fairly painless, and so worth it!

I had most of the week off to recover from the procedure.  I did head back to work on Friday.  Yesterday morning Nate and I took the kids to the Children's Museum.  We all had a great time (never been there on a Saturday, and probably won't do it again as it was crazy).  Afterwards we went to CandyLand (an old fashioned candy store just down the street from the museum).  Ava loves to go there, and only gets to go with Cyndi or if we bring a special guest to the museum.  Yes, Daddy counts as a special guest since he doesn't usually join us. 

Saturday evening Nate surprised me with a date night.  I don't know if you know this about me or not, but I do not like surprises.  I had already had my afternoon/evening planned out.  So, when I found the note that said be ready by 4:30, it's a date night I sadly enough was not excited.  I tried to be open minded and begged him to tell me where we were going.  I gave him a choice of 3 outfits and he picked out the appropriate one.  Boppa showed up and off we went.  It ended up being a great dinner out.  We tried a new steakhouse that was actually delicious.  It was very nice to get away for just a couple of hours, and we were still home to put the kids to bed.  We had a great time, and the kids had a great time with Boppa.  A huge thanks to Boppa for coming to watch the kids and bringing dinner for them!

We woke up this morning to a very cold house.  I came downstairs to check the thermostat and sure enough, it was 56 degrees in here.  On went the fireplace, robes, sweatshirts, etc.  We were supposed to go shoe shopping for the kids in Albertville this morning (there is a stride-rite outlet).  Instead we hung out here waiting for somebody to shop up to fix the furnace.  They finally arrived at 11:30, put in a temporary part, and we now have heat again.  Thankfully it's still under warranty.  We ended up going to the mall by our house and just paid full price for shoes.  I went in to buy 1 pair for Grant, and left with 4 pair for Grant and 2 pair for Ava.  I hated not getting the outlet prices, but poor Grant was wearing a full size to small.  He couldn't wait anymore. 

So, another weekend gone far to quickly.  Oh, one more big piece of news from Ava...she no longer has rails on her bed.  Ava's big girl bed is officially rail free.  It looks so odd to a real big girl bed.  One more sign that she is growing up to quickly!  
 Ava modeling her new dress
 Grant modeling his "sweat band"
Only our daughter asks to have her picture taken headless manikins as we walk through the store

Friday, March 14, 2014

44 degrees

Yesterday the thermometer hit 44 degrees, the sun was shining, and we hit the walking path. I don't know if 44 degrees ever felt so good (or warm).  .We had ECFE yesterday morning.  After nap we decided to go out and get some fresh air.  I loaded the kids in the double stroller and we hit the walking trail around the lake by our house.  We had to wade through a few small ponds of melted snow along the path (I rung my socks out when we got home), but it felt so good.  I actually ended up with my jacket off because it was so warm.  I can't wait for more days like that.  Once all the ice is gone and puddles are clear we'll get Ava out there on her bike.  We still have piles of snow taller than Ava, but this is a start!

The kids headed off to the Children's Museum this morning with Cyndi.  I'm heading to work this afternoon and get to work my 12 hr night shifts this weekend.  Oh joy!  Ava is looking forward to a sleep over at Mema & Boppa's tomorrow.  That means that G-man and Daddy will get some quality time together. 

Next week will be a week of recovery for me.  Monday I'll spend recovering from my night shifts (as I get off Monday morning).  Tuesday evening I'll be recovering from my Lasik procedure.  Say a little prayer for me that all goes well.  I'm excited, but also a little nervous.  I've been waiting for this for so long, but am really praying that the results are good.  Everybody that I talk to has not regretted doing it.  So, Nate will be on his own Tuesday evening, as I am to sleep that afternoon/evening.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes!
Looks like Grant found his nose.
Ava still has a difficult time getting out of some of her shirts.
The newest Victoria's Secret model, modeling her new swimsuit she got for her birthday
A little tea party with my man.

Enjoying our first walk around the lake this year

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday party & antibiotics

Last Saturday we had Ava's 4th birthday party. We were happy that the snow held off here in the cities. Unfortunately, it was snowing in IA. Everybody was able to make it except for Great Grandma and Dave. Aunt Darlene and cousin Sara came up Friday instead of Saturday and stayed with us instead of waiting until Saturday morning. We were so glad that they were able to make it. We had a full house both Friday and Saturday night. I picked Aunt Lori up on my way home from work at her hotel, and she came with to pick the kids up from daycare. She was able to play with them while I got dinner on the table. Then Aunt Darlene and Sara came to join us for dinner. After bedtime Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Brent, and the kids came. Poor Lisa & Brent had to sleep in the freezing cold basement. I think that Brent's toes finally thawed out by noon on Saturday. It was cozy here, but it was nice to have everybody here.

Saturday was the big day for Ava's Hello Kitty birthday party. We had even more family come. Ava got tons of present and enjoyed playing with her cousins and eating cake and ice cream. She topped of her day with a trip to Pizza Ranch for dinner. Sunday everybody had to say good-bye except for Grandma,Grandpa, and Sara. Grandma & Grandpa (and Sara who was along for the ride) stayed an extra day so that they could attend Grandparent's day at preschool. Ava was so excited to show them her school and sing songs to them. I was anticipating their arrival home when I got a phone call from Grandpa asking where the nearest McDonald's is. That little turkey got them to take her to McDonald's for lunch, which a big treat for her.

Wednesday morning around 4:45 things weren't quite so exciting in our house. Ava came into our room saying that her ear hurt. She has never told us that anything hurts. I thought maybe she just wanted to get up and put her back to bed. Thirty minutes later she was back. I gave her some Ibuprofen and put her back to bed. That afternoon I took her in to the pediatrician. Sure enough, she had an infection in her right ear. The Dr. said it was most likely caused by the bacteria that causes walking pneumonia (thank you Grant). We picked up her Z-pack and off we went. Thursday morning she came in saying her left ear hurt. That morning I realized she had drainage coming from that ear. So I called the pediatrician and we now have drops to put in both ears. Grant is off his Augmentin for his pneumonia, and Ava has just one more day of oral antibiotics. I'm sure hoping that this is the end of sickness in this house. We've been lucky to escape the flu this year, but this is enough. I'm ready for spring!!!

It's been a laid back weekend. We attempted the gym yesterday morning (Grant allowed us 20 minutes to work out this time). Ava and I went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon while Grant & Daddy hung out at home. We ordered chinese for dinner and Nate and I rent a movie. It was a miracle, I made it through the whole thing without falling asleep. This morning we headed to the zoo, which the kids always enjoy.

We're hoping that this upcoming week brings us warm temperatures and healthy kids. Have a great week!

Grandpa & Grant taking a horsey ride
Cheryl, Ava, & John
Ava putting on a show for her very captive audience

Opening one of her many presents
Loving her cake

Grant loves Sara
Grandpa & Grandma Great with the kids
and two more kids
Our family photos

Grandma Great, Aunt Lori, & Ava
G-man going gangster with the Dora hat
Snuggles with Grandpa
Story time with Grandpa
Bedtime stories with Sara
Performing one of her songs at Grandparent's day
Grandpa at preschool

Grandparent's day lunch at McDonald's

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ava turns 4

It's been an exciting couple of weeks at the Veldman house.  Two Saturdays ago Ava and I had a date.  I took her to see her first movie at the theater.  We saw Frozen.  She was so excited, and looked so darn cute sitting in that big seat with her popcorn between her legs.  She barely made it through the whole thing before wanting to leave.  As we walked out I asked if she liked it.  Her response, "mom, it was A-Mazing!".  I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, me or her.  I love that she's at the age that we can start doing more fun stuff like that together. 

Saturday was also a big day for Ava because we took one of the bed rails off her bed.  She's been in a double bed since we moved out of our Mounds View home.  However, she's always had railings on the sides because she is the craziest sleeper and still found ways to fall out the bottom of her bed.  So far we haven't found her on the floor. 

Last week was pretty low key.  We were stuck inside Thursday afternoon and all of Friday due to a big snowstorm that we got.  It took Nate and I almost an hour to clear our driveway Friday morning...and that's with a snow blower.  We got about 11 inches on top of a bunch of ice.  It's amazing how crappy the roads still are.  We are definitely ready to be done with winter. 

I worked this past weekend so Nate was at home with the kids.  I got a text Sunday evening as I was leaving work that Grant didn't nap and had a fever.  Well, he's had fevers all week and continues to.  This poor kid!  I took him to see our pediatrician on Monday morning and she thought it was viral, but gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and told me to fill it if he still had a fever Tuesday morning thinking he may have a sinus infection.  Well, he was 102.4 at 3:45 in the morning and the poor thing just couldn't get comfortable.  He's got the runny nose, the horrible cough, the fever...and then this morning he decided to add liquid diarrhea to the mix.  Oh fun!  I've been concerned that he has pneumonia.  I called our pediatrician Tuesday morning and she said that she would use the same antibiotic even if it was pneumonia and to not expect any changes until this evening.  Well, tonight his fever was 101.2, the cough continues, and the diarrhea worsens (I'm assuming from the Augmentin).  Ava has her well child check tomorrow, so I'll try to get Grant an appointment at the same time.  It's supposed to be a balmy -35 wind chill tomorrow.  I love taking children out in this. 

So yesterday Ava turned 4.  I honestly can not believe it.  I know that I say this every year, but I remember that day like yesterday.  I'm assuming that I always will.  When the clock turned 5:22 yesterday evening I stopped and just thought about that moment that we met her for the first time.  What an amazing feeling that was, and am amazing feeling to see her now...happy, healthy, smart, sassy, dramatic, caring, brutally honest, and motherly.  She fills my life with so much laughter and love (and sometimes craziness and drama).  I love our snuggles and stories at bedtime.  I hope those times never end. 

I tried to make her birthday special, while still trying to tend to her sick brother.  I was supposed to work Tuesday but had to call in sick for G-man.  I guess it turned out ok since Ava could not believe that her dad had to work on her birthday.  I think she thought that it should be a holiday where nobody works.  I can't imagine how she would have felt if we both had to work.  We had doughnuts for breakfast, stopped at Target to pick up Grant's antibiotic, and then headed to the zoo.  Ava got to choose what/where she wanted dinner.  She chose Cane's (which is a fast food chicken place).  I tried to tell her that it would be super cool if Daddy picked it up and we ate at home (since I wasn't thrilled about taking Grant out when he was sick).  She, however, wanted to eat there.  So, we all went out for dinner.  I was quickly reminded why we don't do that very often.  It's so chaotic, especially with Grant who had a fever, was overtired, and didn't have a good appetite.  We came home, had special cupcakes, opened some gifts, and then got ready for bed. 

Ava had preschool today, but Cyndi took her since I was busy cleaning up liquid poop off Grant and myself.  She had a great day celebrating her birthday at Cyndi's and preschool.  Now we're just hoping that the forecast for IA is once again wrong and that everybody is able to make it to Ava's birthday party this weekend.  If not, we'll be eating tacos and Hello Kitty cake for a very long time!

That's what cheeks of a 30 lb 10 oz child looks like (he is 34 inches as of Monday)
Cowgirl Sophia (she's been Sophia for the past couple of weeks) & Sparky the horse

The birthday girl
Always wanting her picture taken on the tortoise
Making music

Enjoying some birthday cupcakes

I suppose this probably doesn't help Grant's diaper situation

I think it's safe to say that she likes her Hello Kitty fedora

and her pj's
Even Grant likes the fedora

A little tea party.  Grant thinks drinking out of the pot is better than a cup
This would be a moment after Ava popped her head up and nailed her Daddy's head