Friday, July 31, 2015

A few things going on

So yeah, we've had a few things going on. Soccer continues to keep us busy two nights a week, and then swimming lessons one night a week.  Our weekends have been filled with neighborhood parties/birthday parties and a trip to the cabin.  Before we know it the week is over and we're starting over again on Monday.  The pictures below will highlight some of the fun that we've had. 

Something not so fun is that Nate made a trip to the hospital 2 1/2 weeks ago.  He texted me on Monday July 13th and told me that his stomach hurt and wanted advice.  I gave him the same advice that any good medical professional would have...go poop!  After responding that he was still in pain, I told him to go to the clinic if it wasn't tolerable.  I'll be honest, I thought he was over reacting and had a stomach bug (like most men do).  That was until I talked to him on his way home.  He sounded horrible.  The next call I got was from the clinic Dr.  He told me that he was going to give him IV fluids, some morphine, get a scan, and send him via ambulance to my hospital.  An ambulance...really?  I volunteered to go pick him up (like any nurse would), but was told that due to his pain an ambulance would probably be better.  So, I patiently waited by the ambulance bay doors and greeted him as he rolled in.  After a quick CT scan it was determined that he had a hot appy.  Surgery that night.  Great, we had a plan!  Not so great...there were 3 surgeries in front of him and it was already 6:30 in the evening.  He finally went in to surgery just after midnight, and was settled back into his room after recovery around 2:15 am.  He was discharged that evening and has had a great recovery (minus the fact that he hasn't been able to swim or play golf).  We were supposed to leave that Saturday to go to the cabin for vacation for the week.  We cut the week short at Tuesday and came home since Nate couldn't be in the water.  We'll make up those days later in August.

So, I apologize for the lack of updates.  I know, I always have an excuse...but this one was pretty good don't you think? 

As for the kids...
Ava: She's loving soccer more and more, and has become pretty good.  She's become quite aggressive and really gets in there to get the ball.  It's fun to watch.  She's now growing her bangs out (akward hair styles while we wait for them to grow) and thinks that she looks 16 when they are pulled back.  Sometimes she talks like she's 16.  We went and got school supplies last night, picked out a backpack, and I dropped her bus transportation form off at the school this morning.  This kindergarten thing is getting real! 

Grant: Oh Grant, where to begin.  He continues to find ways to challenge me each and every day.  Just when I want to kill him he comes up and says, "I need a hug".  His favorite phrase this week is "poopy butt".  He thinks he's hilarious...I do not!  Speaking of poop, he's doing better with the potty training.  Am I ready to put him in underwear and take him out to Target?  Absolutely not!  However, I feel like we're taking baby steps towards being diaper free (hopefully by the age 12).  He hasn't been to the Dr. recently (thankfully), but I feel like he's packed on the pounds this summer.  He's very active, but that kid can put away his food.  I wouldn't be surprised if he weighs the same as Ava since she refuses to eat almost any mean or anything that's not bread or fruit. 

I think that's all I have for now.  Have a fabulous weekend!    
We had a girls day out in July.  We went to see The Little Mermaid at Stages Theater with Mema and the neighbors. 

Ava's soccer team (minus 1)
To kick off vacation we went out to the Yogurt Lab for some delicious fro-yo.
We then followed up the frozen yogurt with donuts on the way to the cabin the next morning (this could have contributed to Grant packing on the pounds)
Ava Loved driving around her jetski that she got for Christmas from the Strittmatters.
Watching fireworks on the dock.  Grant went in after the first one.  He was not impressed.

Ready to go out on the water.
Grant giving the jetski a try.
A little bed made up to watch a movie.
Soccer time

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where is the summer going?!?

I can not believe that it's already July! I feel like the summer is racing by, and July is going to fly by even quicker with all of the activities that we have planned. We're having a wonderful 4th of July weekend. I had to work yesterday so we decided that we would spend the 4th of July weekend at home...the first time this has ever happened that we're home as a family on the 4th. It's been wonderful! Nate had Friday off work with the kids so they came up and surprised me at work for lunch.  What a nice surprise to break up the day!  Yesterday was packed with fun (a little too much fun for Grant who hit his breaking point at 9 last night).  We started the day off with a parade (which had no candy so we left early and went and got ice cream instead).  We spent the afternoon at our neighbor's playing in the water with a lot of friends, and then headed over to another neighbor's for a party.  Ava was a trooper and lasted until almost 11:00 last night.  She loved the fireworks, and running around with all of the other kids in the neighborhood.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people in our neighborhood!  This afternoon we'll head out to another party.  Our neighbor boy is turning 4, so we're heading to a pool and pizza party.  Should be another great (and hot) day!

Other than this weekend we continue to stay busy with work, swim lessons, play dates, and visits from out of state friends.  Things will get even busier starting this week, as Ava starts soccer.  So that leaves us with a schedule of Monday:Nate softball, Tues: Ava Soccer, Wed: swim lessons, Thurs: Ava soccer, Fri: breathe and look forward to the weekend!  I can't tell you how nice it is to have the weekends off to enjoy time with family and friends. 

I'll leave you with some pictures so that I can go get breakfast for the kids.  Hope that you're all having a great 4th of July weekend!

The kids are absolutely loving swim lessons.  We couldn't be happier with our choice to switch them to the swim school.

Enjoying our first boat ride of the season

Enjoying a little popcorn snack on the boat
This is what happens before dinner when you don't take a nap during the day.
Captain Grant

Jumping in!  Ava had a great time swimming in the lake with Daddy.

A morning on the dock.
Grant had his first dentist appointment.  I was a bit worried since he doesn't usually do super well with new situations.  We went to a new pediatric dentist and it was great!  He climbed right up into the chair, picked out a show to watch on the screen that's attached to the light, put on the sunglasses and headphones and was ready for his exam.  So glad we decided on the pediatric dentist.  A great experience for everybody!  Of course Ava did great too. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

We love summer!

I forgot how much I love summer and being able to be outside the with the kids. Have I mentioned before that I also love our neighborhood? There isn't a day that goes by that we don't have an invite to hang out with some little one at the park, or just hanging out riding bikes, etc. Although I wish that we had family closer, many of our neighbors have become like family.

Like I said, we have really enjoyed being outside.  A few weekends ago Mema & Boppa came down to hang out with us for the day.  We all went to Pahl's Market (the local nursery) and picked out lot of pretty flowers, and a bush to replace the one that the rabbits ate.  They helped us plant everything, and gave me a little tutorial on how not to kill all of my flowers this year.  I'm glad to report that they are still holding strong and look quite lovely.  We had a great day, and were able to end the day with dinner on the deck and some delicious dessert.

The following weekend we were supposed to head up to the cabin.  There were some last minute changes in plans and Nate went up by himself while I stayed home with the kids.  We got to meet up with a friend at the zoo, and enjoyed the afternoon outside with our neighbor friends.  Nate cut the trip short and returned home late Saturday evening.  Sunday we got to celebrate Ava's BFF's birthday with a party at her house (Avery).

This past week  was a big one for Ava.  On Monday she graduated from preschool!!!  Mema & Boppa joined us for the graduation ceremony and celebration (Uncle Wes attempted, but got stuck in traffic from hell).  Ava sang her little heart out at the program like she always does.  We had dinner at "school", and the completed the night with a giant bouncy house and balls outside.  Thank you Mema & Boppa for coming to celebrate.  Ava was so glad that you came!

This weekend Uncle Brent, Aunt Lisa, & cousin Reece came to visit.  Reece spent the weekend with us, while Brent & Lisa went to celebrate their anniversary.  We had a great time with him, and are so glad that he came.  Saturday we got to celebrate our friend Tyce's birthday with is Superman party.  The kids had a great time, and Reece found a new pen pal (one of our neighbors).  This morning we headed off to the donut shop to get some donuts for our "donut picnic" at the zoo.  What a great way to start the day!  So, after donuts we took Reece to the zoo before his parents arrived at our house for lunch.  It was such a beautiful day today that after nap we were able to go and enjoy some swimming at the pool in our neighborhood. 

It will be another busy week.  Tomorrow morning Grant will not follow his normal routine.  He will no longer be going into the toddler room.  As of tomorrow he is in the preschool room.  One going into preschool and one going into kindergarten.  How did they get so big?!?  We'll see what he picks up in this room.  Hopefully all good stuff, including being potty trained! 

We're hoping to go and watch Nate play softball tomorrow evening, and have a little picnic outside (usually the kids sit still if they're eating).  Wednesday both of the kids start swimming lessons.  We are trying a new place near our house, and this will be the first time that Grant has done swimming lessons.  Then Friday we have Auntie Lisa P and her family coming to visit for the evening.  I can not wait to see Nick & Sadie.  I haven't seen them since visiting KC earlier this year after Sadie was born. 

I have plenty of pictures to share with you.  Some of them are older, I just forgot to get them off of my phone earlier.  Hope you all have a great week!    
Grant is always practicing his swing. 
Ava & her BFF  Avery taking their first ride on the school bus during the open house last month
The kids playing at the bookstore when my mom was here visitng last month
While Daddy was at the cabin we decided to make cookie bars.  What good helpers I have.
Another trip to the zoo.
Another chicken picture that cracks me up
Hanging at the pool on my day off. 
Ava & Avery
My strong man
Our donut picnic this morning outside of the zoo.
Somebody was loving his donut
Watching the reptile show
Ava & Daddy
 Boppa, Ava, & Mema at graduation
 More graduation night pictures

 Planting flowers

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Late is better than never

I know that it's been awhile since the last update. We've had a few things going on that have been consuming more time than I was expecting. First and foremost, my new job.  Everybody keeps asking if I like it.  Well, I don't not like it. :)  In all honesty, I don't feel like I have a good grasp on everything that it entails, and how I'm going to manage my time to get everything done that needs to be done.  My orientation has been very fragmented due to the fact that I work only 4 days/week, and that I have had a lot of meetings off site for new leadership stuff.  My manager and preceptor are off tomorrow, meaning I'm on my own.  I'll find out if I sink or swim.  :)  Due to all of the meetings and everything, I've been putting in a lot of 10 hour days, or closes to 10 hr days.  I'm assuming that the time commitment will decrease once I figure out my own system. 

So, let's go back a couple of weeks ago...Mother's Day weekend.  I have to say it was probably my most enjoyable yet.  Saturday morning Ava had her dance recital.  Boppa stayed home with Grant (win-win situation for both of them), while Daddy, Mema, and I went to watch Ava.  It was a 2 hr show, but I actually really enjoyed it all.  Ava did a great job, and everybody loved watching the little ones up there.  I have to say that I surprised myself, when the tears started streaming down my face when she was up there.  What?!?  Why was I crying?  I'm still not exactly sure, but it was emotional for some reason.  Perhaps a feeling of pride watching her succeed at something that she worked hard on, maybe a feeling of sadness that she's growing up so quickly, perhaps they were tears of happiness knowing that she is able to enjoy the things that she loves, and gratefulness knowing that we currently have the ability to provide her with those opportunities.  Most likely, it's a combination of all the above.  Or, maybe all of that is complete crap and I was just a hormonal woman that day?  No matter the reason, I enjoyed the show, shed a few tears, and am grateful to have our Wednesday evenings back until next fall.  Nate and I asked her if she wanted to do dance next year.  She replied, "yes, because I want to get ribbons and flowers" meaning she liked the flowers we gave her after recital.  I could get some pretty darn nice bouquets delivered monthly for what we pay for dance.  We'll have to come back to that discussion as registration opens up. 

After the recital we had lunch together and then Mema and I went to the dreaded MOA to look for some work clothes for me.  We were very successful and had a great time.  I came home with a great new work wardrobe, and felt so much better.  Thanks Mema for helping me spend my money.  When we got home Uncle Wes and Aunt Janna were here playing with the kids.  We all enjoyed a nice low key dinner out on the deck together.  What a great day!

Sunday was kind of cold and rainy.  We went to church that morning and then stayed in for the rest of the day.  We watched a movie and just relaxed.  It truly was a great weekend!

The following week started out good until Wednesday hit.  I woke up not feeling well, but decided I had to go into work since I had so many meetings that day.  By mid-morning I was dying.  I had chills, body aches, sore throat, etc.  I decided to leave after my big meeting that afternoon and went straight to the clinic.  Mind you, I have never had a fever in my life (I know, crazy right).  I got there and it was 102.3.  They swabbed my throat and shockingly enough it came back negative for strep.  I was told I had a virus and to take Ibuprofen and go home.  So, I stopped and bought Ibuprofen because since I don't ever get sick I don't even have that in our house.  The next 30 hours were spent in my bedroom shaking with chills, waking up in a pool of sweat, decreased appetite, body aches that I have never experienced, fevers up to 103, etc.  I was miserable. 

Thursday afternoon Nate left for his golf trip up north with the guys.  I was SO grateful that my mom was going to arrive late Thursday night.  I knew that I could take care of the kids 1 night by myself if I had to, but I knew I couldn't do much more than that.  I just felt bad that she was coming up to see us, and was going to end up taking care of all of us.  Friday morning the clinic called me back to tell me that my strep send out came back positive.  Not shocking!  I picked up my antibiotics that morning and within 24 hours I felt like a new person.  Needless to say, I was grateful that my mom came up, and was also grateful now that I could enjoy some time with her as well. 

I can't believe that this week is almost over already.  Nothing too exciting this week.  Long work days and spending any time outside that we can.  We're looking forward to spending the long weekend at home this year.  We're hoping to maybe plant a few flowers and just relax.  Wishing you all a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!
Grant & Grandma before our trip to the MOA.
Ava has mastered climbing the new rock by herself.
"I'm going to play basketball when I get bigger".  I'm told this at least twice a day.
Ava has become much braver this year.  She can scale this thing pretty quickly.
Our typical afternoon here in suburbia
Ava showing Grandma how she can ride without training wheels
Granting "riding" (walking) his bike.
Digging in the rocks while wearing his helmet.  You can never be too safe.
Getting ready to head off to church Saturday evening.
All ready for the recital
It's blurry, but it's the only picture we have of the three of us. 
I mastered the bun, and it stayed in for the whole show!
Ava & Mema
Mother's Day 2015
Daddy & Ava