Thursday, October 30, 2014

A weekend of celebrating

This past weekend Grant had his "Thomas party". There was nothing Thomas about his party except for his cake. He wanted the Thomas cake, and napkins, hats, and plates with balls on them. He called it his Thomas party and he was so excited about it. So excited that he fell asleep 30 minutes before it started.  It was good though, he was in a much better mood after I woke him up to have lunch.  There were about 20 people here to celebrate, which was perfect and low key.  The weather was great so Nate got to grill for lunch.  Grant couldn't have been more excited to hear everybody sing to him and to blow his candles out.  He was pretty excited about his presents as well.  A huge thank you to everybody who came to celebrate our little man, especially those in my family who drove 4 and 5 hours.  We are so blessed to have such a supportive family.

The fun actually started on Friday evening.  Aunt Lori and David came Friday afternoon just before Grant woke up from him nap.  They read stories, played lots of catch, played games, and had dinner with us.  We were so happy that they could come and spend some time with us that evening.  After dinner Aunt Lisa, Zacky, & Reece arrived.  Needless to say, the kids were up late playing and having a great time.  Grandma & Grandpa Becker, as well as Grandma Great didn't arrive until around 11:30.  We didn't stay up for them. 

Sunday morning we had breakfast, said good bye to Aunt Lisa and the boys, and got ready to carve pumpkins.  By we I mean Nate, David, and myself.  The kids watched us clean them out (ok, Aunt Lori, David, and Nate cleaned them out) and lost interest very quickly.  They played with Grandma & Grandpa while Nate, David, and I carved pumpkins.  Nate did the kids's names, and did a great job at them once again this year.  David carved one free hand, making sure that every detail was perfect (and it was).  I on the other hand cheated and used a pattern from one of those books that you buy.  They all turned out great, as you can see below. 

This week has been very busy.  I worked Monday through Wednesday, and every night I have rushed home to get ready to leave again.  Monday evening Uncle Wes came over to watch the kids so that Nate and I could go out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary.  It was so nice to get away, just the two of us.  We arrived home 20 minutes after bedtime to find Grant running through the house with a football and Ava playing in the living room with the TV on.  She told me that she "tricked Uncle Wes" into letting her watch TV.  They were having a great time.  We finally corralled them into bed.  Uncle Wes stayed to read Ava her bedtime stories.  Thanks Uncle Wes for the babysitting.  It was very much appreciated!

As I mentioned in my last post, swim lessons have begun, so we're doing those on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Ava's instructor told me after Tuesday's class that Ava had improved so much and was doing good.  That made me feel so much better.  Ava informed me that it's because she was wearing her goggles.  I guess she'll be wearing them again tonight. 

Last night Ava had dance, which she continues to absolutely love.  They got measured for their recital costumes.  The recital isn't until next spring, but I can only imagine how cute it is going to be. 

Tomorrow is a busy day.  We have errands to run in the morning before Grant's 2 yr well child check, which will include immunizations for him, and a flu shot for both kids.  He's going to once again hate going to the dr.  We then have a big fun errand (will update on that next blog post) to run after our appointment.  Then it's back home for naps, snack, and getting ready to go trick-or-treating in the frigid cold.  Mema & Boppa are planning on coming down for dinner and will then hand out candy so that we can both take the kids trick-or-treating.  Should be a fun day!

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Halloween.  Don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend!
Opening presents on his actual birthday

Reading his new book from Auntie Lisa P, Uncle Craig, & Nick

This is the look of a little girl who has to take a step back from being to helpful opening gifts
He loved wearing his sleeping bag backpack around. 

I love his face in this picture.  He is filled with delight and excitement.  Wish I could freeze him in this moment forever. 
He loved his new helmet so much.  He wore it around the house and outside to mow
Grandma took the kids outside to play for a little bit.  Sad how early it gets dark!
The kids wanted nothing to do with getting their hands dirty with pumpkin guts. 
Instead of carving pumpkins they had a picnic with Grandma 
The final results of the pumpkin carving. 
David's pumpkin that he did free hand.
I forgot to post this picture last time.  It was taken in the photo booth at cousin Daniel and Vanessa's wedding. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

2 years ago today...

Grant Gregory came into our lives and made our family complete.  It's hard to believe how quickly two years have gone.   I feel like he has grown so much in just the past month.  His vocabulary is expanding almost daily, and his stubbornness gets more stubborn almost daily as well.  He is constantly singing his ABCs and counting (sometimes in Spanish).  He loves to mimic everything, and I mean everything, that his sister does. 

His temperament seems to be changing a bit as well.  Perhaps it's not his temperament, he's just becoming more independent (which I love and but also hate when I'm in a hurry).  We were extremely lucky with Ava and never really experienced the "terrible two's".  I'm pretty sure that we may get more than we bargained for with Grant.  He had the biggest melt down this past weekend at the wedding.  Shockingly enough guess what it was!  Oh, not just any food but a cupcake.  A whole table of cupcakes.  After my blood was boiling and I was ready to take him home, I handed him off to Nate and when I returned he was smiling and devouring a cupcake.  Ava informed us on the way home from the dance that she had two cupcakes that night.  Grant piped in and said, "I had free (3)" and was so very proud. 

Along with his tantrum he was also stuck to me like glue all weekend.  Everybody tried to help me out, but he just cried when I wasn't around.  He's once again crying at daycare drop off, and when I took Ava to dance last evening I left him with a sitter.  As I pulled away from the house I looked in my review mirror and saw this snot faced little boy running down the driveway after me crying "mama".  I felt worse for the sitter than I did for Grant.  Praying that this phase ends very very soon!

As I mentioned, we were at a wedding Saturday.  My cousin Daniel and his wife Vanessa got married.  We went back to IA Friday morning in time for Daddy to go play golf with his buddy Nathan that afternoon.  It was so great to be back and see most of my family.  My brother and sister-in-law were even back from MO.  I enjoyed every minute that I got to spend with everybody, and can't wait to see some of them again this weekend for Grant's birthday party. 

Grant's big birthday party is on Saturday.  We didn't do to much to celebrate today.  We had ECFE this morning, and Ava started swim lessons this evening.  I'm so glad that she enjoys them.  She told me multiple times, "I love swim lessons".  Unfortunately, she is not good at them!  Thankfully she likes them and doesn't yet realize that swimming is not her forte.  The teacher told me today that she should really be swimming with her face in the water and that she may have to move back a class.  I don't know why I was so bothered by this.  I don't want to be one of "those parents" who thinks my kid has to be best at everything.  However, I did struggle with that tonight as one of the 3 1/2 yr old girls  skipped two classes and is already swimming.  So Ava won't be a professional swimmer, why do I care?  I don't know, but I do.  I sure hope I feel better about this tomorrow.  Like I said, I don't want to be one of "those parents".  She 4 1/2 for the love!  As long as she doesn't drown that's the important thing.

Anyway, back to Grant.  We got home from swim lessons, had dinner, and he enjoyed the messiest and yummiest cupcake of his life.  It was then off to bath to clean up the cupcake and time for a few presents.  He loved his new books from Auntie Lisa P., Uncle Craig, & Nick.  He read those for bedtime, grabbed his football, gave kisses and hugs, and headed off to bed (with his football).  As of last night, he can no longer sleep without one of his footballs.  He is such a boy!

I almost forgot to mention, Nate and I "celebrated" our anniversary Monday.  Seven years it has been.  I remember that day like yesterday as well.  It was one of the greatest days of my life.  I often tell Nate and I wish we could throw another party like that again.  Great friends, family weather, food.  It truly was our perfect day.  What did we do to celebrate you ask.  Well, we both worked, came home and made some pasta for dinner, gave the kids baths, and fell asleep on the couch while watching TV at 9:30 only to wake up at 11:55 to go to bed.  Oh how seven years changes things.  :)  We are actually going to go out to dinner next Monday evening.  Rumor has it that Uncle Wes is coming to babysit while Nate and I go out.  Could be an interesting night in our house.  :)

Thanks for checking in.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!
Grant loved driving the fire truck.  He loves driving anything he can get his hands on.
Balls and tractors, I think he dreams of moments like this.
Ava & Grant fighting over who gets to drive the tractor
Grandma & Grandpa with Zacky, Reece, Ava & Grant
Reece actually took this picture
Our family all together, it was great!
Great Grandma with her great grandchildren
G looking sharp in his suit
My entire family on my mom's side (minus a few)
We missed nap time due to pictures, thankfully he fell asleep at the ceremony.  Unfortunately it was at the end of the ceremony. 

My mom, sister, and sister-in-laws.  Great women!!!
This would be the cupcake that turned Grant's night around (his first of three I guess)
Grandma and her granddaughters (minus Megan)
Aunt Sara got him away for a little while, but he just had to be near me. 
Both of the kids got a second wind (or perhaps a sugar rush) and rocked the dance floor.

My Aunt Darlene and me. 

My cool dude.
Happy Birthday G-man.  We love you so very much!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grant's 2 yr pictures

We got our pictures last night from Grant's 2 yr photo shoot.  I had to laugh as I looked through them.  Trying to get pictures of a 2 yr old proved to be quite a task.  However, Ava stepped right up and volunteered to have her picture taken.  Needless to say, we have many more pictures of Ava from Grant's shoot than we do of him.  Most of these you will not find hanging on our wall in the near future.  However, they make me laugh and tell the true story of our life.  Our life doesn't sit still and isn't all smiles.  However, it's a great mix of smiles, tears, laughter, tantrums, high fives, dance parties, and a lot of love.  Thanks Angela Courtney Photography for taking the time to photograph the kids and our family.  Enjoy!

Can't believe that this little man will be 2 in less than 2 weeks!

Grant's constipated face
Ava's open mouth face

Nate, you forgot to look back

Love these pictures, and the series to follow of Ava on the tracks.  She has so many facial expressions. 

I'm not sure how we can so quickly go from this....
to this.  :)

Finally, after 326 pictures we got a keeper.  :)